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With my tours...YOU set the pace

I lead exploratory walks and unscripted cultural experiences.

Information is presented in a way that allows my guests to make their own mental connections because, after all, a tour with just interesting information is infotainment.

The most memorable tours are the ones that make people think and feel.

My private tours are some of the best ways to experience the legendary city of Nuremberg because all of my "private tours" take you on a journey of discovery that is both thought-provoking and full of marvelous historical sites to enjoy.

Eight centuries of history in Nuremberg

In between the first and third German empires lies nearly eight hundred years of fascinating Nuremberg history that I bring to life during all of my tours.

I'm Kevin, the owner of Nuremberg Tours in English, and you could say that I'm a cultural interpreter, not a teacher (passing on knowledge) or a sightseeing guide (pointing things out). My tours are among the unique things to do in Nuremberg.

I'm more like a reverse anthropologist: a local expert insider explaining and sharing "Nuremberg", "Bamberg", and "Rothenburg" culture with my inquisitive customers.

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For more information on exploring outside of Nuremberg (for example, the UNESCO World Heritage site "Bamberg" or the world-famous medieval city of "Rothenburg"), please go to my contact page.


Be sure to book your tour early because my calendar fills up fast.

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  • German (advanced)