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This Medieval fair is really well done. Add to that the backdrop of Rothenburg’s old town and you have the makings of an unforgettable day. If you are going to be in Nuremberg between 7 and 10 June 2019, please contact me if you would like to visit this event.

Every person living in Rothenburg knows the story of how, in 1631 during the Thirty Years War, brave Mayor Nusch saved the town from destruction and the city councillors from death by drinking nearly a gallon of wine without stopping until the mug was empty. This legendary act is known as the “Master Draught” and today is celebrated during the Master Draught festival.

The historical Master Draught festival covers the four day weekend beginning with Whit Friday. Each of the four days has its own variety of activities (see below) and each day has a theme. Friday is the “Besieged City”, Saturday is the “Surrounded City”, Sunday is the “Free City”, and Monday is the “Fortunate City”. The heart of all activities is the historical play “The Master Draught” by Adam Hörber which first premiered in 1881.

A variety of activities are scattered throughout the old town. For instance, on the afternoons of Whit Sunday and Whit Monday historical military parades take place through the old town, at the Galgentor (Gallows Gate) you’ll find a 17th century bivouac with a Bavarian beer garden to quench your thirst, near the market square there will be a historical trader and craftsmen market, as well as many other fun things to do throughout the old town over the 4-day celebration.

“Der Meistertrunk – The Master Draught”

“The Master Draught” play is performed in the Emperors Hall of the Rothenburg town hall several times during the four-day festival.

For both Rothenburgers and their guests Pentecost is the big event and highlight of the year. The dramatic events of 1631 have been played out in the exciting and suspenseful stage play “Der Meistertrunk – The Master Draught” every year since 1881.

Every year, for more than a century now,  these splendid pageants, coarse camp life, colorful markets and numerous other events have enchanted guests from far and wide.


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judie clement
judie clement
20:51 08 Dec 19
Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and it's obvious he loves giving tours. Kevin listens and is very attuned to what is... you want to take away from your tour. I did two private tours with Kevin, Bamberg and Dachau. I could not have picked a better tour guide. Personality plus and you have made another friend with Kevin. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Your time is well spent with more
David Duve
David Duve
13:25 24 Nov 19
We had the pleasure of using Kevin for two days during our trip to Germany to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. ... Kevin was on time the morning of our tour and extremely prepared. He gave us multiple options for customization and the result was that we really had quite a bit of fun in Rothenburg. The next day Kevin took us to many of the WWII sites in Nuremberg. He's super knowledgeable on the subject matter and we learned so much. I also like the fact that he has a comfortable ride to transport one in. In closing, I highly recommend using Kevin's services if you are looking for an engaged, knowledgeable and personable more
John Bolton
John Bolton
15:56 13 Oct 19
We took two tours with Kevin back to back on a Saturday for a total of 7 hours. The first was the Nuremberg WWII Combo... Tour. This tour was fascinating and Kevin really knows his stuff. His use of pictures to show what these places looked like during those rallies was especially effective. We learned so much. It was a Saturday so we were able to actually get into Room 600 at Justice Palace because court was not in session. Because Kevin was so informative, we didn't have to spend a lot of time reading some of the material in the courthouse because it was just a repeat. It was a really cold that day, especially at Zeppelin Field and the Great Street, but we didn't feel hurried or shorted. After the Combo Tour we did the Nuremberg Old Town Walking Tour. This was also a great tour. I highly recommend both but especially the WWII combo (not because of Kevin but because of our interests).read more
Rick/Joyce L
Rick/Joyce L
21:12 15 Jul 19
We spent 8 delightful hours with Kevin on our Private Rothenburg Day Tour. Rothenburg is a medieval walled city where... many of the original structures are still standing. Kevin knows his history, and easily answered our questions without skipping a beat! Kevin introduced us to several of his business associates...walking with and listening to Kevin was like having a personal tour with Rick Steves! A tour with Kevin ANYWHERE will give you a great value for your money. Give Kevin a try - you will love him!read more
Pamela Whaley
Pamela Whaley
17:44 10 Nov 18
In 2015 I came to Nuremberg from Calgary Canada to view sites of WW2, . Kevin was my guide. After realizing his... extensive knowledge of Hitler's war, I knew that he was the guide for me.In 2018 I gave him a list of places that I wanted to see and he put the itinerary together for me.For two weeks in November we traveled in Poland and Germany. We visited sites in the Owl Mountains of Poland among others as we made our way to Berlin. In Berlin and Colditz we saw a whole lot more.I couldn't have asked for a more extensive tour. All of the places on my bucket list were covered and many more. Nothing was left out.I can't thank Kevin enough for the remarkable adventure that I just had. It was an incredible WW2 tour. This trip was number one on my bucket list and Kevin made it happen!read more
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Thoroughly enjoyed our morning with Kevin

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning with Kevin. He is easy to talk with and his “Nuremberg WW2 Combo tour” is incredibly informative and interesting. He has a wealth of knowledge on this period in “Nuremberg history”, the “Nazi rallies” and the “Nuremberg trials”. His narrative and presentation are excellent. We almost felt transported back to the time of the rallies as he brought us to key areas and explained the scope and magnitude of Hitler’s vision. The last part of the tour takes place in the building where the Nuremberg trials were held. Because it was Sunday, we were able to access the room where they took place. Beforehand, Kevin provided us with a great deal of information about the trials and about the men involved. It was very interesting and made the experience even more authentic. Afterwards, he dropped us off for lunch at a quaint restaurant in Old Town. We enjoyed it so much, we went back for dinner the following night. Thank you, Kevin, for a truly memorable experience. We highly, highly, highly recommend you!

Reviewed by PSM, TripAdvisor

Great Tour

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Most informative tour I have ever been on. I taught a unit of Nazi Germany to Junior High and Senior High students for 30 years and I wish I could have taken this tour while I was still teaching. I learned things I never knew before and it would have been valuable for me. A must for anyone who wants to learn how evil and also how corrupt and removed from reality Hitler and his associates really were.

Reviewed by Alan B, TripAdvisor

Fantastic Tour !

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Kevin was fantastic! This was my family’s first time to Nürnberg and I decided to arrange a private tour which is something we don’t normally do. We were all so glad we did! Kevin was a great tour guide and knew a lot of history which he shared during our time together. He kept it interactive and engaging the entire time and we all came away with a really great experience that we’ll remember for a lifetime. If you want a “tour of Nürnberg”, get in touch with Kevin!

Reviewed by Aaron Rajda, Tours by Locals