My customers often ask me for book recommendations to further their knowledge about the Second World War and its aftermath. So I would like introduce the very well written historical novel, Rule of Law, by Winton Higgins.

Rule of Law follows four people through the first Nuremberg trial in 1945-46: Hans Fritzsche, a top Nazi top propagandist; Katerina Thornton, a German woman working as a simultaneous interpreter; Richard Sonnenfeldt, a young, spirited German Jew working with the American prosecution; and Sir Norman Birkett, a judge of the British High Court who arrives in Nuremberg as the alternate British judge on the tribunal.

Using the format of a novel instead of an academic history, Winton Higgins adroitly describes the human drama of the first Nuremberg trial, where the horrible crimes of the Nazis were uncovered for the entire world to see. The concepts of crimes against humanity, international law, and a world court were all conceived in Nuremberg during this trial. The novel faithfully incorporates the (heavily researched) true history of the first Nuremberg trial; the fictional parts simply fill in the gaps of the historical record. Just about all of the characters and their names are historical, except for Katerina, Bill, and Katerina’s family members.

I had the great pleasure of showing Winton Higgins around Nuremberg and some other historical sites in Zirndorf that he was researching for Rule of Law. As a result he even mentioned me on page 305 of his novel. You can read his review of my tour here.

You can order a copy of Rule of Law here.