Nuremberg Lebkuchen is a delicacy from the Middle Ages

In Christian symbolism spices, honey, almonds and nuts play an important role. Therefore, gingerbread (lebkuchen) is traditionally available in the Advent and Christmas seasons in many Upper Franconia bakeries. Its long tradition originates in the 11th and 12th centuries when monastery bakeries baked honey and spice breads according to traditional recipes as a remedy for diseases and for strength during Lent. The first mention of lebkuchen bakers outside of monasteries was in 1296 in Ulm, and then in 1395 in Nuremberg. In Nuremberg the production of Nuremberg lebkuchen became specialized, but in the rest of Upper Franconia lebkuchen remained a typical pre-Christmas treat produced by artisanal bakeries. Even today almost every bakery makes their lebkuchen according to traditional family recipes. Therefore it is no wonder that lebkuchen tastes different everywhere you go.

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