Hidden deep in one of the Old Town’s medieval sandstone beer cellars is the Nuremberg Historic Art Bunker. This is where Nuremberg’s most important art treasures were saved from the bombs of the Second World War: one of the few good decisions made by the Nazis.

Already in 1938 the Nazis began developing a concept for protecting priceless art treasures. A shelter that is unique in Germany was built beneath the Imperial Castle in the deepest of Nuremberg’s medieval subterranean beer cellars. Its purpose was to save priceless works of art from destruction and looting, and thus preserve them for future generations.

Shortly before the outbreak of WW 2, the Nazis developed a concept for protecting numerous valuable artworks. In 1939 climatized cells were installed in the old former beer cellar near the castle known as the Blacksmith Cellar. This was the beginning of the transformation of this medieval beer cellar into what is known today as Nuremberg’s Historic Art Bunker.

Tours of the Nuremberg Historic Art Bunker are conducted daily at 2:30pm during which you can learn, among other things, about the reconstruction of Nuremberg after the war. Newly acquired audio guides allow you to follow the tour in English.

You can buy tickets at Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, Bergstraße 19, 90403 Nuremberg where the tour group assembles.

I did the voiceover for the video below

Click here for Nuremberg Historic Art Bunker video