Nuremberger Bratwurst

In my opinion, Bratwursthäusle (Little Bratwurst House) is the best place to get Nuremberg brats. Why? Because unlike most restaurants in Nuremberg that serve Nuremberg brats, Bratwursthäusle grills their bratwurst over a beech wood fire instead of frying them on a stove. That makes all the difference in the world.

Then combine those Nuremberg brats with either some fantastic German potato salad or sauerkraut and you have the makings for one of Nuremberg’s legendary culinary delights. Nuremberg brats taste different than most because of the spice marjoram. These little bratwurst have been famous since the 14th century. The legend explaining their American-breakfast-sausage size claims that during the Middle Ages butchers in Nuremberg had to make the brats small enough to fit the the keyholes of the city gates. The reason being that those gates were kept closed all night and not opened until the next morning. Therefore, in order to sell brats to people outside the city wall at night the butchers had to slip the bratwurst through the city gate keyholes.

Traditionally horseradish is spread on Nuremberg brats, but most people use yellow mustard. Both are perfect flavor accompaniments. Personally, I like to wash everything down with a tasty Pilsner beer, but others prefer a dry white wine. Either way your taste buds are in for a real treat. Service is fast and efficient.

Just a few small things that prevent Bratwursthäusle from being absolutely perfect, though: 1) they don’t accept any credit cards, so make sure that you have cash with you; 2) they are closed on Sundays; and 3) their website is in German only.

Bratwursthäusle is located right next to the southeast corner of St. Sebald church at Rathausplatz 1,  90403 Nürnberg. Tel +49-911-227695.

Open daily (except Sunday) from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

Combining a meal at Bratwursthäusle and a tour with Nuremberg Tours in English is the perfect way to enjoy Nuremberg.