Nuremberg Historic Art Bunker

Nuremberg Historic Art Bunkermore

The Nuremberg Historic Art Bunker, the Old Town's deepest medieval sandstone beer cellar, preserved many priceless art treasures from the bombs of WW 2: one of the few good decisions made by the Nazis. Already in 1938 the Nazis began developing a concept for protecting priceless art treasures. A shelter that is unique in Germany was built beneath the Imperial Castle.
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Bratwursthaeusle is famous in Nuremberg

Bratwursthaeusle is famous in Nurembergmore

In my opinion, hands down, Bratwursthäusle is the best Nuremberger bratwurst restaurant in Nuremberg. Why? Because unlike most restaurants in Nuremberg that serve Nuremberger bratwurst, Bratwursthäusle grills their bratwurst over a beech wood fire instead of frying them on a stove...makes all the difference in the world.
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Gestapo Chief buried in Jewish cemetery

Gestapo Chief buried in Jewish cemeterymore

As reported in the German press, a prominent Nazi war criminal, chief of Hitler's infamous Secret State Police (Gestapo), HeinrichMüller, was buried in a Jewish cemetery in central Berlin in 1945. Müller was involved, down to the smallest details, in the planning and execution of the murder of European Jews. According to Johannes Tuchel, head of the German Resistance Memorial...
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